Huliau Zero Waste Events

Reduce waste at your event while supporting environmental education for Maui’s youth!


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Finding creative and fun ways to reduce waste has been the focus of many Maui Huliau student-led projects such as #Sporkitup and Foam Free Future (now Ocean Friendly Restaurants). These projects have led our students to create inspiring films, attend international youth summits on marine plastic pollution, and now to use what they’ve learned to help reduce waste at community events. After assisting with a few zero-waste events in 2015 which were attended by thousands of people, our students and staff have decided to provide this service beginning in 2016 as a way to divert waste from our landfills while helping to fund on ongoing youth-led environmental projects and films.

Reducing the amount of waste we produce is our kuleana for living on this beautiful island.

Dylan Falces

Huliau student, Age 15

Pricing Structure

We will provide a custom quote based upon your event size and needs.

Set-up Fee


Includes planning meeting to review event floor plan and waste streams, as well as communication with vendors and assisting with product orders as needed.
*Pricing depends on event size & vendors

Station Fee

$200 per station*

Fee is per station for 4 hours. Additional hours billed at $30/hr. Includes all bins, bags, signage,staffing and proper waste disposal.
*Number of stations to be determined by event floor plan & size

Why Zero Waste?


We are fortunate to have so many great events on Maui that bring our community together in positive ways.  However, sometimes these great events can have a very negative impact on our island by sending a lot of waste to our landfills. Plastic waste which does not decompose is especially harmful and is ending up in our oceans in alarming quantities. At previous events we have been able to rdivert over 80% of waste from the landfill to be recycled and composted! Zero-waste events also educate the public about the importance of reducing our collective impact.  Your event can be part of the solution!


What We Provide

Pre-Event Planning

We work with event organizers and vendors to create a customized zero-waste plan that will work for your event.  This may include helping vendors order eco-friendly food service products, attending event planning meetings and getting your team excited about working together to green your event.

Zero Waste Stations

We provide all bins, educational signs and staffing for each station to ensure that items are disposed of properly.  These stations also serve as education stations for event guests where our students and volunteers can explain how their waste is diverted from the landfill.

Proper Disposal

With our goal being to divert over 80% of waste from the landfill, there are no overflowing dumpsters to deal with after your event.  We take food scraps and compostable food ware to local farms, recyclables to recycling centers and provide you with a report about where it all went!  See our example report below.

Core Components of Zero Waste Event Planning


Reuse whenever possible is nearly always the most eco-friendly option.  For large events we often use our reusable bamboo sporks from our students’ #Sporkitup project which guests can then take with them to use in place of disposable plastic utensils.  We also incorporate reuse into our practices by using reusable bag liners for our recycling containers to reduce the number of plastic trash bags used.

Eco-Friendly Disposables

We work with local suppliers and your food vendors to source affordable compostable products!  This can often be done through their preferred supplier or through our partnership with Sustainable Island Products.  Click here for example pricing on commonly used products and here for a full catalog of compostable products by WorldCentric.


We help educate event coordinators, vendors and attendees about zero-waste practices and why they are important.  To us diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill is a fun and exciting challenge and our goal is to share this enthusiasm with your team and guests in a fun and professional way!

Example Zero Waste Report

Huliau Zero-Waste Report final ICBF web


Download our flyer to share

Huliau Zero-Waste Flyer page 1 web


About Maui Huliau Foundation

Huliau Eco-Adventure Waiheʻe Group


Maui Huliau Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to promote environmental literacy and leadership among Maui’s youth. Our largest program is our Huliau Environmental Filmmaking Club. Over the past 6 years, hundreds of students from 16 schools on Maui have created more than 50 short environmental films from documentaries to music videos. These films have been selected more than 60 times in festivals around the world and have won multiple awards. Other programs include Huliau Youth Leaders student-led environmental projects, Hui Laulima service learning projects, our annual Haleakalā backpacking trip, and alumni-run summer camps. Through our unique hands-on programs, we seek to educate and empower Maui 12-18 year-olds to become future stewards of our natural environment.