Student Films and Festival Selections

Over the past seven years our students have created 55 short environmental films which have been selected 77 times in 21 film festivals around the world!  Here you can watch the films and see the festival selections and awards that they have won.


2016 – 2017 Films

2015 – 2016 Films

When We’re Gone- Hawaiʻi International Film Festival, Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival

From Flowers to Food- Hawaiʻi International Film Festival, Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Carbon Funk- Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Earth Port Film Festival

Fields of Change- Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Restoring the Dunes- Hawaiʻi International Film Festival

Collaborative Conservation. E Kumupa’a, A Step Forward

2014 – 2015 Films

Distress Call- Wild & Scenic Film Festival (Kids Awards 2nd Place 2016), Colorado Environmental Film Festival (Youth Award Winner 2016), Cinema Verde 

Wai: A Public Resource- Hawaiʻi International Film Festival, Cinema Verde

Ready to Stand Up- Cinema Verde

How the Foam Free Future Project Began- Hawaiʻi International Film Festival, Cinema Verde

A Journey to a Foam Free Future- Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival at Yale, Earth Port Film Festival (Youth Film Award), Cinema Verde

Detective Pideon: A Timeless Mystery- Hawaiʻi International Film Festival, Cinema Verde

Let the ʻOpihi Rest- Hawaiʻi International Film Festival, Cinema Verde

Adventures of Fast Food Fighters- Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Cinema Verde

2016 EPFF Laurel Best Youth Film web 2016-WSFF-Official-Selection-Laurel Colorado film fest logo Effy_2016_Laurels_Clear web

cinema verde laurels 2016

2013 – 2014 Films


Maui’s Axis Deer: Exploring Solutions to a Growing Problem– HIFF, Taos

Sauronmart: The Lord of the Cards

Fleming’s Legacy An Arboretum for Maui– Cinema Verde, Taos

The Coralax– Wild & Scenic (multiple on-tour showings), HIFF, San Francisco Ocean Film Fest, Youth Making Ripples (2 Awards), Honolulu African American Film Festival, Taos Arts Film Festival (Audience Choice Award), World Oceans Day Film Festival, Cinema Verde, Grey’s Reef, Eco-Kids Film Initiative at the South African Eco Film Festival

Restoring the Piko– Cinema Verde, Taos

Vibrance and Abundance: A Future for Maui’s Reefs -Taos

Remember Your Roots -Cinema Verde, Taos

Film Festival Selections and Awards

PeoplesChoiceAward sm HIFF2014selection OfficialSelection2014web2015-WSFF-Official-Selection-LaurelGROFF2015_laurelsHoMA-2015-AAFF-laurellaurel2015SA_eco_filmfestival-01 Youth Making Ripples Logo

2012 – 2013 Films



Pump Don’t Dump– HIFF

Connectors– HIFF

Mountain to Sea, Maui Eat Local Project, Tiny Invaders, Beyond the Kernel, Battle Miconia, Away, Hawksbills:A Path to Recovery, A Tale of Three Bottles

2011 – 2012 Films


Bottle vs Tap– American Conservation, Wild & Scenic, Water Take One, Earth Port

Fueling the Future– Independents, Wild & Scenic, American Conservation

Mālama i ke Kai– HIFF, American Conservation, Wild & Scenic

One Farm: Two Purposes -American Conservation, Wild & Scenic

Saving Oneloa– HIFF, Independents, American Conservation

Too Many Cats– HIFF, Independents, American Conservation

Printacff logo hiff 2012 logoiff logo



Aqua Hazard– International Marine Debris Conference, Waimea Film Festival, Amer Conservation, HIFF

Killer Plants– HIFF, American Conservation Film Festival

The Adventures of Oranges (GIFF, Wild & Scenic, IFF, American Conservation)

Water Nation, Tourism: The Fate of Maui, Eco-cars

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