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About Huliau Youth Leaders

Huliau Youth Leaders is an environmental leadership group open to students in grades 9-12 from all Maui schools.  In the 2014-15 school year we are reinventing Huliau Youth Leaders to make participation more flexible and encourage students to work with various environmental organizations and community groups on the environmental issues that impact our island.

Students, please read below for program details.  Environmental organizations, please use the button in the side bar to submit any opportunities you may have to involve youth ages 14-18 in your work.  We will then contact you for further details. To see Huliau Youth Leaders work from past years click here.

Why join Huliau Youth Leaders?

Huliau Youth Leaders is a way for students interested in environmental issues to learn more by working directly with environmental organizations and community leaders.  It is a hands-on way to explore work in the environmental field that you may be interested in such as watershed protection, sustainable agriculture and marine sciences.  By doing this you can also build experience in the environmental field for your college application or job resume.  You can also potentially earn community service credits with your school or incorporate your work into a school project.  Huliau Youth Leaders is also an opportunity to meet students from other schools interested in similar issues and collaborate on projects.

How it works

Huliau Youth Leaders is open to any Maui youth in grades 9-12 (ages 14-18).


1. Sign up for monthly emails

Students in grades 9-12 can click here to sign up to get monthly emails about volunteer days, events and other opportunities to earn “Huliau points” each month.

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2. Look for volunteer opportunities and projects that interest you

Below you will find a list of organizations you can currently work with to earn “Huliau” points.  However, for full details and contact information for each project, sign up for our monthly emails .   Some updates will also be posted in our Facebook group.  Opportunities will include half or full day service projects, environmental events and independent projects organized by students. If you want to earn Huliau points for a project or event not on our list please contact us BEFORE participating so we can approve it and add it to our list.

3. Get involved

After you sign up for monthly emails, you can volunteer as little or as much as you want throughout the school year.  There is no minimum number of projects that you have to participate in.  You just read the monthly emails and decide what interests you.  You can work all year with one organization or participate in single service days with many organizations.  Or you can plan your own environmental projects and possibly work with other students.  The more involved you get the more Huliau points you earn.

4. Submit your work to receive Huliau points

After completing a service project or event you can apply to receive “Huliau points” for your participation by clicking on the Huliau points button below and filling out a short online form.  You must claim points within one month of completing a service day or project.  For longer projects you may wait until you have completed the entire project.  We will contact you via email to let you know how many points you have earned.  Please see below for general guidelines on how points are calculated.

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5. Be recognized & rewarded for your work!

Students earning the most points will be recognized for their work at our annual film festival at the end of the school year.  Our filmmaking students will be doing short film projects to highlight the Youth Leaders work throughout the year.  Maui Huliau will also organize a least one special trip or fun opportunity during spring semester for students who have earned a certain number of Huliau points.

Community Project List

Our monthly HYL newsletter includes events and opportunities with:

Maui Cultural Lands, Hawai’i Wildlife Fund, DT Fleming Arboretum, Surfrider Foundation, East Maui Watershed PartnershipMālama Maui Nui and more!

Students, sign up below to get details on monthly events.
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Huliau Youth Leaders Student-Led Projects

Student-led environmental projects are led by a core group of Huliau students with the support of our staff and partner organizations.

HYL students are currently working on a community outreach project about alternatives to styrofoam and single-use plastics in Maui food establishments.  A website link to information on this project will be added here soon.  Students interested in helping with this issue should join our monthly e-mailing and/or email us for details.


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