Why donate to Maui Huliau?

A Community-Based Non-Profit

Maui Huliau is a small community-based non-profit working to promote environmental literacy and leadership among Maui’s youth through our unique filmmaking, activism and service projects.

Serving youth from all Maui schools

In our first six years we have served youth ages 12-18 from 16 different Maui schools!  Your donations help keep our programs affordable for all students.

Over 60 films on YouTube!

Our YouTube channel now has over 60 student films with over 40,000 views!  They empower the voices of Maui’s youth to educate our community and visitors about how they can help protect our island’s environment.

Award winning films!

Our student films have been selected over 60 times at 12 film festivals around the world!  These films include documentaries, claymation films and even music videos.

Support our environmental education programs!

Donate now!

Mahalo to everyone who donated to our 2016 campaign!

Mahalo to all of you who helped us reach our 2016 $10,000 goal for your generous support of our programs!

Sara Smith, Darren Hostetler, Charles Laquidara, MJ Duberstein, Allen Ashby, Stacia Ash, Jim Hammett, Nancy Golly, Nicolette van der Lee, Wendy Omuro, Laura Berthold, Shannon Wianecki, Mary Morgan, POME LLC, Jill LaBram, Sara Tekula, Jordan Rein, Timothy Whalen, John Cadman, Arianna Feinberg, Evan Ryan, Juan Giliberto, Ryan Earehart, Tristan Blackett, Marge Bonar, Jim Steffen, Hank Kilgore, Rachel Hodara, Kimberly Thayer, Jana Stamos DiMartino, Gillian Adamo, Steven Carnel, Lynne Wallack, Kenneth Hedden, Bill Knapp, Kirk Brimhall, Christine Troyer, Yvonne Prinz, Ann Teat Gallant, Lisa Stalvey, Leonard Goldstein, Brad Lauter, Cynthia Xerogianes, Allison Wasilewski, Julie Elizabeth, John Schmidt, Christine Roberson, Mike Ottman, Mary Ahern, Matt Brown, Jerry & Simone Dale, Carol Wallack, Caryn Glickman, Beth Savitt, Julie Thompson, Naia Bradshaw, Juan Benedetti, Alan Maskin, Brian McLaughlin, Bryan Berkowitz, Frances Nelson, Jack Villegas, Federico Meloni, Sheila McLaughlin, Kaimana Brummel, Pam Guichet, Jay Franey, Lucienne de Naie, Maggie Sutrov and to the Stauber Family Foundation and the Bendon Family Foundation for their matching challenge donations!

Donate $500 or more and support a student film team!

Over 75% of program funding comes directly from our community via donations, sponsorships and events.  We need your support to continue these programs for Maui’s youth!  For $500 or more you can adopt a film team by filling out this brief online form. 

Become a film team sponsor!

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